May 3rd 2005. (holy fuck! an update!)

I was waxin' nostalgic this afternoon and wanted to see if this site would show up in a Google search. To my surprise it was the first site listed! I thought Tripod would have deleted this page long ago. I don't have anything to add to this site anymore.. but, if YOU have any pictures, stories, live tape recordings.. send me a message at my new email address: fur.road.brow(at)gmail(dot)com


August 1st 2000

Holy fuck, I'm so damn lazy. I said I would have the lyrics up in two days
But it took a fucking month....haha. Oh well I got ALL the Quincy Punx lyrics up now so enjoy!

July 9th 2000
I finally got the lyrics for the "We're Not Punx" album.
They will be up in two days, I swear... No more fucking around.

Tuesday April 7th.
I added lyrics for a couple 7 inches today.(Me, Get The Humans, and My America)
Even if you dont have the songs you should give the lyrics a read anyways.
Their well worth it.

Send some email my way if you have any questions or comments...or other information.

Oh yeah, SIGN THE GUESTBOOK. and thats an order!
I'll update this site more often if I know that people actually come here...


NOTE: This site is not made by the members of Quincy Punx. Thats why its 'unofficial'